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Emerging Markets Might Outshine the Global Giants In 2024

Emerging Markets Might Outshine the Global Giants In 2024

The global economy’s path currently seems uncertain, with major players like the Eurozone, UK, and the US facing unprecedented challenges. As inflation rates plummet and economies struggle, the global outlook for 2024 appears cloudy. However, amidst this chaos, some emerging markets and their currencies stand poised to become the unexpected heroes of the year.

Major Economies in Peril

The Eurozone is grappling with a recession coupled with high interest rates and industrial output issues. The UK remains stagnant, besieged by structural problems, while an eye-watering national debt burdens the US despite its impressive growth. Meanwhile, China, a manufacturing powerhouse, faces declining growth and a potential real estate collapse.

Political Turmoil and Economic Conundrums

2024 promises to be a record year for elections in India, the US, and the UK, adding uncertainty to these nations’ economic woes under potential new leadership. In Europe, ageing populations, high-interest rates, and industrial struggles have led to a decline in Eurozone economies, further compounded by Germany’s recent setbacks.

The Rise of Emerging Markets

Amidst the gloom for major economies, emerging markets and their currencies could be the silver lining. Plausible winners in 2024 include Gulf State currencies like the dirham, riyals, and dinars. The region, with the UAE as a global confluence for trade, investment, and luxury living, is well-positioned for growth.

Saudi Arabia’s ambitious plans align with Qatar’s status as the richest country per capita. These nations are investing in East Africa, fostering trading partnerships, improving infrastructure, and creating a ripple effect that benefits those dealing with the Gulf.

Mexico’s Surprising Resurgence

Mexico also seems poised to outpace global growth due to reshoring efforts, export-led growth, and the upcoming US elections. The Mexican peso (MXN) has already started strengthening against the USD after two decades of decline.

Emerging Markets with Strategic Advantages

Countries like Vietnam and India, benefiting from anti-China production shifts, can thrive in 2024 by keeping external debt low, promoting export-led growth, and stimulating domestic demand. While some commodity prices may have decreased, the outlook for industrial commodities in new technology, sustainable economies, and geopolitical considerations bodes well for emerging markets.

Prospects for Improvement

Despite challenges in Egypt, Turkey, and Indonesia, 2024 could be a turning point for these nations. If China and Europe resort to significant government stimulus, it could further bolster emerging economies.

A Shift in the Global Economic Landscape

The Western-led economic model faces threats from mounting national debts and deficits. Meanwhile, an enlarged and emboldened BRICS grouping seeks to challenge the status quo. This could potentially increase demand for developed market exports in services, luxury, autos, and investment management, as well as electronics and consumer goods.

As the world braces for economic shifts, emerging markets may emerge as the unexpected victors of 2024, reshaping the global economic landscape.

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