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Zim Share Price Prediction 2024

Zim Share Price Prediction 2024

Integrated Shipping Services Zim, is an Israeli maritime transport company headquartered in Haifa, with a significant presence in Norfolk, Virginia. Established in 1945, Zim has been a New York Stock Exchange-listed entity since 2021. Renowned for its fleet of 124 container ships and a capacity of 584,263 TEU as of November 2023, Zim ranks as the world’s tenth-largest container shipping company, holding 2.1% of the global maritime freight market share. Let’s see zim share price prediction if you consider it for your future investment.

What is the Future Price of ZIM?

As we look towards 2024, Zim’s share price presents an intriguing investment opportunity. With its previous close at $9.87 and a 52-week range between $6.39 and $25.12, Zim’s performance in the stock market has been notable.

The company’s significant market cap of $1.346B and a beta of 1.76 reflect its robust presence in the industry. While its PE ratio and EPS are currently not applicable, the forward-looking prospects, especially with an earnings date set for March 2024, offer potential growth avenues for investors.

Is ZIM a Good Investment?

Investing in Zim could be a wise decision for those looking for long-term growth in the shipping and logistics sector. Given the company’s historical performance and market position, Zim is poised to remain a powerful player in the industry.

Wall Street analysts are keeping a close eye on Zim, often factoring in various elements like global shipping trends and the company’s strategic moves.

For those considering buying Zim, it’s crucial to keep an eye on real-time market prices and analyst estimates.

Whether you’re a short-term trader or a long-term investor, understanding the dynamics of integrated shipping services and how they impact the stock market is vital. A brokerage account that offers access to NYSE ZIM can be a gateway to investing in this promising stock.

Zim’s stock forecast for 2024 suggests potential growth, but as with any investment decision, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider market volatility.

The stock market can be unpredictable, and the success of an investment in Zim will depend on various factors including global economic trends, the company’s operational efficiency, and broader industry dynamics.

Zim main competitors

Zim Integrated Shipping Services, a significant player in the global maritime transport sector, faces competition from several major companies. These competitors are key players in the container shipping industry, each with their own strengths and market strategies.

Maersk Line

As the world’s largest container shipping company, Denmark-based Maersk Line is a formidable competitor. It’s known for its massive fleet and extensive global service network. Maersk Line sets industry standards in terms of operational scale and efficiency.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

Based in Switzerland, MSC is another leading competitor, known for its rapid growth and large fleet of container ships. MSC often competes closely with Maersk for market share and has a strong presence in key global shipping routes.


A French container transportation and shipping company, CMA CGM is one of the largest in the world. It has been expanding its operations through strategic acquisitions, thereby increasing its competitiveness in the global shipping market.

COSCO Shipping

As a state-owned shipping giant from China, COSCO operates one of the largest fleets of container ships globally. Its significant market presence in Asia and expanding international reach make it a notable competitor for ZIM.


This German international shipping company also ranks among ZIM’s main competitors. Hapag-Lloyd is recognized for its efficient operations and strong customer service, catering to a substantial portion of the global container shipping demand.

Evergreen Marine

Based in Taiwan, Evergreen Marine is known for its innovative approach to shipping logistics and container transport. Its growing fleet and strategic partnerships enable it to compete effectively in the global market.

The Bottom line

In conclusion, whether to buy or sell Zim stock hinges on individual investment strategies and market perceptions. Keeping up with the latest in shipping services, stock forecasts, and global market trends will be key to making informed decisions about this potential investment opportunity. Remember, this information is for informational purposes only and should not be the sole basis for any investment decision.

Zim stock forecast FAQ

Is ZIM Integrated Shipping Services stock a Buy, Sell or Hold?

The stock of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services currently holds an average consensus rating. This rating reflects a blend of opinions, with 6 analysts recommending a buy, 17 suggesting to hold, and 6 advising to sell.

What was the 52-week low for ZIM stock?

Over the past 52 weeks, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services stock hit a low of 6.39. As per the latest stock price for ZIM, the company’s value has increased by 176.37% from its 52-week low.

What was the 52-week high for ZIM stock?

The high in the last 52 weeks of ZIM Integrated Shipping Services stock was 25.11. According to the current price, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is 44.88% away from the 52-week high.

What are the expert forecasts for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services stock?

Analysts providing price predictions for ZIM Integrated Shipping Services have set a median target at 32.89, with the highest estimate reaching 120.00 and the lowest at 5.00. This median target suggests a 34.27% increase from the most recent trading price of 11.27.

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