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OORT ICO: Revolutionizing Data Infrastructure and Privacy

OORT ICO: Revolutionizing Data Infrastructure and Privacy

As the world races towards a future dominated by AI, Web3, and the Metaverse, the demand for affordable computing power has reached unprecedented heights. Enter OORT ICO, a promising project set to reshape the data infrastructure landscape and address the emerging challenges in the digital era.

OORT: A Decentralized Cloud for a New Age

In the realm of decentralized clouds, OORT stands out among other similar projects, offering privacy and cost savings. Moreover, this visionary project integrates global computing and storage resources. It also provides AI solutions that elevate business operations to new heights.

The fundamental vision driving OORT is to create a world where individuals have complete ownership and control over their data. Besides, by making natural language the gateway for effortless data interaction, OORT strives to redefine the relationship between users and their digital footprint.

The OORT Preeminence: Pioneering Intelligent Decentralized Data Cloud

Positioned as the first mover in the intelligent decentralized data cloud domain, this project also boasts US patents and academic publications supporting its cutting-edge technologies. With 40+ partnerships with industry giants like DELL Technologies, Tencent Cloud, and Emurgo, and collaborations with elite universities such as Harvard and MIT, OORT is laying the groundwork for a revolutionary data ecosystem.

The Team Behind OORT: Expertise from Renowned Organizations

The core team members in New York bring a wealth of experience from world-recognized organizations. The latter includes Columbia University, Qualcomm, AT&T, JP Morgan, and more. This collective expertise positions OORT as a project backed by seasoned professionals committed to driving innovation.

Why OORT? Affordable and Intelligent Decentralized Infrastructure

OORT provides an affordable solution for storage, computing, and bandwidth, potentially saving users up to 80%. Moreover, the team achieves breakthrough price performance through a global network that integrates idle resources. Consequently, it offers flexible and scalable data services tailored to specific needs.

Intelligent Data Interaction: AI Leading the Way

Powered by a large language model (LLM), OORT AI enables the creation of customized AI agents for businesses. This streamlined and secure approach allows users to tailor AI agents to their unique databases, providing precise business alignment. With visuals uploaded to the knowledge base, the company delivers an engaging and accurate experience for end-users.

Trusted Infrastructure: Ensuring Reliability and Privacy

OORT also guarantees hyperscaler-like SLA with unparalleled privacy and reliability. The distributed infrastructure, coupled with patented PoH algorithms and advanced coding, ensures reliability in a trustless, geo-distributed environment.

Industry Struggles: OORT to the Rescue

The burgeoning demand for affordable computing power in emerging fields necessitates a robust solution. OORT’s core technology and AI interaction emerge as the remedy, driving the widespread adoption of decentralized infrastructure.

OORT ICO: Tokenizing the Future

OORT ICO is coming soon. The token sale, scheduled for January 14-15, 2024, will offer the price of 1 OORT = 0.15 USD. With a fundraising goal of $30,000 and a total of 2,000,000,000 tokens available, this ICO marks a crucial step in the evolution of OORT.

Furthermore, the OORT ICO introduces the project that promises unparalleled privacy, cost savings, and a community-driven ethos. However, remember that the crypto world is volatile, and it’s better to be cautious with your investments.

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