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The Complex Dynamics Impacting Oil Price in 2024

The Complex Dynamics Impacting Oil Price in 2024

OPEC+ Struggles Amidst Record US Oil Price and Economic Uncertainty

The global cheapest oil market faces intricate challenges in 2024, with OPEC+ finding it difficult to influence prices significantly. Several factors contribute to this scenario, shaping the complex landscape of the energy industry.

Despite OPEC+ efforts to curb production, the United States continues to break records in production and crude oil exports. According to energy expert John Kilduff, the sheer volume of US oil production impedes OPEC+’s ability to lift prices substantially.

Current Oil Profit Trends

While oil prices have seen a recent uptick, reaching $75.94 a barrel for West Texas Intermediate, challenges persist. Tensions in the Red Sea have contributed to the increase, with Brent crude hitting $81 a barrel. However, these prices remain considerably below the September 2023 highs of $94 a barrel for WTI crude.

Looking ahead, a softening global economic outlook is anticipated to impact oil demand negatively. Kilduff emphasizes the correlation between central banks cutting rates and a potential decrease in crude oil and energy demand for the coming year.

Geopolitical Risks and Oil Trading Platforms Response

While geopolitical risks, such as recent US military strikes and attacks in the Middle East, influence oil prices, the market response is nuanced. Kilduff suggests that these events might cause temporary spikes, but a substantial escalation seems unlikely.

The broader economic landscape adds headwinds to oil markets, with central banks considering rate cuts. Kilduff warns that such cuts might not bode well for oil demand, potentially leading to a decline.

Trading Crude Oil Impact on the US Central Bank Actions

The US central bank’s contemplation of rate cuts aligns with economic indicators hinting at a cooling economy. Kilduff highlights the dual-edged nature of rate cuts, suggesting they could adversely affect oil demand.

An increase in crude in floating storage presents a bearish factor for oil prices. Data shows a rise in crude oil held on tankers, disrupting supplies and influencing prices.

OPEC+ Challenges and Market Perception

OPEC+’s decision to cut crude production faces challenges, particularly with Angola leaving amid disputes over production quotas. The lack of clarity on how cuts will be distributed among members contributes to market uncertainty.

An increase in Russian crude oil exports further complicates the oil market, contributing to bearish sentiment. The lack of details on how these cuts will factor into new totals adds to market concerns.

Navigating Uncertain Terrain

In conclusion, the oil prices and market in 2024 are navigating through intricate dynamics, including record US production, geopolitical risks, and economic uncertainties. OPEC+ faces challenges in influencing prices, and market participants are closely monitoring global events that could impact oil demand and supply dynamics.

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