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Big eyes crypto price prediction and future

Big Eyes Crypto Price Prediction and Future – What To Know

Have you ever heard about the famous big eyes crypto price prediction and what to expect shortly? What do the experts in the crypto market forecast about your favourite example of coin and the entire industry along the way? And, ultimately, is the prognosis good, or is there anything particular to worry about?

As a crypto admirer, in the first place, it is vital to understand that we are talking about a very volatile and dynamic market that can change overnight. This interesting meme coin represents a favourite cat of many. It has brought the attention of numerous crypto admirers now in rebus, thinking about the Big Eyes coin’s future and whether they should invest in it.

So, what is the Big Eyes Crypto all about? Let’s get an explanation from a true expert, shall we?

What is the big eyes crypto exactly?

Big Eyes crypto, or BIG, represent a unique blockchain project and cat-related meme token which brought the attention of many enthusiasts of this industry from all over the world. This blockchain-based project’s main focus is finding the best ways to bring a unique approach to revolutionizing decentralized finance (DeFi).

This coin employs blockchain technology for various direct transactions, reducing costs. Its native ERC-20 token is traded on multiple platforms. Thus, it implements a deflationary model that could significantly increase its value over time.

This funny meme cat-themed coin, which design was inspired by the popular Shiba Inu coin, was also utilized by its creators to establish a strong community. In addition, by allocating 5% of its tokens, Big Eyes Crypto aims to support charitable initiatives that also include preserving marine life in ocean sanctuaries.

When is the big eyes crypto launch date?

According to the official website, its presale began in August 2022 and ended on June 3rd and June 3rd, 2023. Since the culmination of the presale ended on June 3rd and June 3rd, the official launch date of this meme-coin was on June 15th and June 15th, 2023.

Regarding the big eyes coin price prediction, the Big Eyes coin’s price prediction after the ICO is a subject of speculation due to the approximately $35 million raised and certain delays experienced during the presale. So, let’s dive deeper into getting all the information regarding its forecast, shall we?

What is the Big Eyes price crypto prediction?

Generally speaking, the big eyes price crypto prediction should be overlooked shortly, i.e. years to come. In that way, any investor will get a full picture of the progress and determine whether it is a good idea to invest in this coin or not.

The future of the BIG token solely relies on its promised launch and the chosen centralized crypto exchange, synch as a tier 1 CEX. Therefore, the price prediction for 2023 of the Big Eyes crypto is challenging due to investor impatience and potential selling pressure after holding for a long term.

At launch, the fully diluted market cap is estimated to be $120 million, established on a total supply of 200 billion tokens and a listing price of $0.0006. The live market cap, with 80% of tokens in circulation, will be approximately $96 million. So, let’s get all the essential Big Eyes Crypto news and forecasts from experts, shall we?

The analysis by Jacob Burry in his recent video

Crypto analyst Jacob Bury discussed the potential price prediction for Big Eyes in a recent video. He mentioned positives like:

The artwork itself Solidity Finance’s smart contract audit CoinSniper’s KYC certificate.

Nonetheless, the main concerns were raised about the extended presale period and utilizing the same email list as a previous rug-pulled project. He also noted the presence of fifteen price stages with a 600% difference, which could lead early buyers to sell on the listing date without vesting or sales tax.

What is the Big Eyes crypto price prediction for 2025 like?

The upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024 could trigger the next crypto bull run, as seen in the 2021 bull run after a halving event.

In case Big Eyes manages to launch and remain popular in 2025 successfully, meme coins’ value may rise along with the crypto and global financial markets, provided recession fears diminish.

Remember, Big Eyes’ success hinges on the team delivering their roadmap and addressing FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). The famous trader, Carl Dawkins, and respected CEO of Love Hate Inu has shared his Big Eyes crypto price prediction and raised concerns on his YouTube channel.

Etherscan tracking indicates the Big Eyes presale may still need to meet its fundraising goal. Other meme tokens and market trends may also impact the price of Big Eyes.

What is the price prediction for 2030 like?

By 2030, Big Eyes (BIG) is predicted to rank among the top 10 meme coins, surpassing Dogecoin’s supply and experiencing a significant price increase during its presale. Its success hinges on a successful launch, sustained value, attracting new buyers, and retaining existing holders.

The token’s capped supply of 200 billion and significant community ownership contribute to its positive price outlook. Overtaking Shiba Inu would require a substantial gain while achieving a 10x increase would position Big Eyes at a $1 billion valuation, a milestone currently reached by SHIB and DOGE. PEPE (PEPE) achieved a higher market cap quickly without crypto influencers.

Expected highs and lows for this coin

2023: Possible high: $0.0015; Possible low: $0.0001. 2024: Possible high: $0.002; Possible low: $0.00005. 2025: Possible high: $0.004; Possible low: $0.00001.

What are the Big Eyes statistics like?

Currently, here are the statistics for this cat-themed coin according to the Coinmarketcap:

Current price: USD 0.000009 Total circulating supply: 200,000,000,000 BIG Trading volume 24 hours: USD 216,761. Fully diluted market cap: $1,651,964. CoinMarketCap ranking at the moment: #3187.

How to buy Big Eyes Crypto?

If you are eager to buy the Big Eyes coin, here are all the necessary steps you need to take:

Get a Crypto Wallet: Download a software wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Add Cryptocurrency: Transfer your desired cryptocurrency to your wallet. Connect Wallet: Link your wallet to the Big Eyes presale. Fill Presale Order: Provide the required information in the order box. Confirm and Buy: Verify your order and purchase Big Eyes tokens.


According to analysts, the Big Eyes crypto price prediction is uncertain, requiring careful monitoring for investment decisions. It depends on the launch, chosen exchange, and managing investor expectations.

By 2030, Big Eyes coin is expected to become a top meme coin, but surpassing Shiba Inu and achieving significant gains may be challenging. Market trends and other meme tokens also impact its price.

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